A space and community for exploring Spanish language literature.

What is Ambivert?

Ambivert Books seeks to cultivate greater awareness of and expand access to international literature. We offer thoughtfully curated subscription packages and meticulously source individual novels for those with very specific interests.

All levels of Spanish-language speakers, from heritage speakers to beginner-level language learners, are welcome in this space. Ambivert Books is based in Northwest Arkansas and Houston, TX. 

Current Book Clubs

Read the World

Enjoy a selection of four (4) books best selling novels, each one from a different Spanish-speaking country.

Ease on In

Don't read much? Not used to reading in Spanish? Ease on in with two (2) shorter-length novels.

Little Reader: Read it to me

Enjoy a selection four (4) of our favorite books to read with the youngest member(s) of your family. This subscription is recommended for children who need assistance reading and/or are just learning to read on their own.

Little reader: solo adventure

Enjoy a selection four (4) of our favorite books for the young readers in your life. This subscription package is designed with children capable of reading on their own and/or middle grade children in mind.

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Book Reviews

“What a cool and necessary book! I hope the little ones love it."
Cynthia Allegro
Tu cuerpo es tuyo
"Definitely an underrated masterpiece; it was way close to perfection and I will probably think about it for a couple of days."
Eric Pollard
Cómo maté a mi padre
"This was fascinating. It's called a novel but it's its own genre really. The first-person narrator reads so true you'd swear it's a memoir."
Megan Dominguez
El nervio óptico

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